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I can I use that word in these pages This is one BAD piece 01 sottwafe, with some ol the mosi embarfassmg graphics ever witnessed The commentator kwks like a xsxr deformed Trigger Irom Only S,he and Horses.

Arvd ceftainty dofi'lbuy. HUf l B. AlYtMV mmt. HUl nut. PIP [W flsm. Computor Otti! Card No: OO ' Ihe mosf simpre of lifsi outmgs as Rhebus is but a stone s. So many random events occur that seyx game is different ivbo time you play. Eclipses render soiar panels useless, knocking out power to the eniire cotony and leaving the population wide Open to attack unless you've remembered to build power stores. Utopia It a title I II certainly be reiurnmg to.


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Flicky I'acks down the entrance to the Cats" hideout and. Eogeiher Meanwhile the Cats will Oe trying to close dowfi Xxxf rescue Operation 8ut thanks lo the ihrowaWe objecls left carelessly around the Idir. Flicky Is surprisi brill t No need lor massivt tcrotlfng levels or huge. The Megadrivc is somewhat starved of cute ptatforrn titles and Flicky is a welcome new laff on the mactiine.

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